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I've met some really great people on MySpace and every day these meetings turn into true friendships.  Some have even become co-writers and we're creating a lot of great songs!

Once in a great while I come across a songwriter, artist or band that absolutely BLOWS ME AWAY!
They just seem to be LIGHT YEARS ahead of others, at least in my opinion.

I've chosen to add this page to my website to share information about them
and do my part in promoting their work because I'm behind them 100%.

Read about them, check out their sites, and see for yourself!
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Laurie Killian Starr
LKS Photo


Choices, choices, choices!

On any given night Nashville is overflowing with tough choices for where to go for entertainment.
To the outside world, Nashville is known as "The Country Music Capitol of the World",
"The Heart of Country Music", among many other titles.  Here it's simply "Music City".

While Country is certainly King in Nashville, you're also able to find ample locations featuring
Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, Pop, R&B, Blues, Electronic, DJ, and even Karaoke.
"Writer's Nights" are always a favorite because this city is BURSTING with SO much talent!
Whatever your tastes and preferences you can find a place in Music City to visit.

So, out of ALL of the choices I had last night, how and why did I find myself in a comfortable,
neighborhood club known as Windows on the Cumberland?  Just one reason ...

Laurie Killian Starr!!!

I first became aware of Laurie last October through MySpace.
I saw in her photos and heard in her voice someone special, someone unique ...
a singer's singer ... a songwriter's songwriter.
Many months before I moved to Nashville I KNEW I had to see Laurie perform in person!

I arrived at Windows early to get the best seat from which I could not only see Laurie perform,
but also scan the audience while she sang so I could see how receptive the crowd was to her.
A few minutes later Laurie arrived with some family and friends.  I introduced myself and we had a
chance to talk about a variety of things, including our songwriting and co-writing experiences.
She's genuinely very personable, warm and friendly, preferring to know and talk about others
rather than herself, but willing just the same to share her own joys & interests, (first and foremost ...
her family!), in a grateful, humble way, truly knowing deep inside how blessed she is!

Long before taking the stage for her set I could tell Laurie was excited and ready,
anxious to sing her heart out and give it all she had!  It's obvious just being around her
that she absolutely loves to sing, to share her "stories" from her heart to ours.

Master musician and background vocalist Chip Martin provided the music for Laurie's set.
Whether dancing and singing "That's The Sound" with a BIG smile on her face,
or crying her heart out and all torn up over "When You Get Done Leaving",
she truly FEELS each note and LIVES each word,
and makes us willing believers!

Laurie Killian Starr has the talent and the passion to go SO far!!!
Supported by a wonderful family and great friends, surrounded by awesome talent behind the scenes,
like her producer and co-writer, Dean Sams (Lonestar), and other great co-writers like Jan Linville,
David Haywood (Lady Antebellum), Charles Kelley, Ryan Tindell and Marty Dodson (just to name a few!),
Laurie's star is definitely rising!

Check out her music and where she's appearing,
and DON'T miss a chance to see Laurie SOON & OFTEN!

Jace Carlton

July 21, 2007

Copyright © 2007 by Jace Carlton  All International Rights Reserved.
No portion of this review may be copied or used in part or in full, in any form,
without written permission from the author.


Part 2 - a review of Laurie's CD - is coming VERY soon!


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